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    What are the benefits of using an Ossis custom implant?

    Ossis’ design and manufacturing experience allows it to create custom implant solutions in all areas of the anatomy. The flexibility of Ossis’ design and manufacturing processes maximises the range of treatment options available to surgeons.

    Ossis implants deliver significant benefits to surgeons, their patients and the health care system. Ossis aims to give surgeons more certainty with less surgical risk. Through the custom design phase, much of the surgical planning can be done before even getting in to theatre. There is no intra-operative assembly/modification required and pre-operative planning using the models and trials removes the unknowns.

    Ossis’ advanced design and manufacturing technologies combine to produce a custom solution with personalised fixation methods and a proven porous scaffold to ensure short and long term stability and fixation.

    Ossis implants lead to shorter surgeries, shorter length of stay, shorter rehabilitation time and reduced possibility of re-revision. These have clinical and economic benefits to the patient, surgeon and the health care system.

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    How do I order an Ossis custom implant?

    Ossis requires the following information from surgeons to enable us to complete the design and manufacture of a custom implant:

    1. A completed prescription form signed by the surgeon. This form provides a summary of the patient information and the surgeon’s prescription for the implant.
    2. CT scan data for the patient to the Ossis Custom Acetabulum Orthopaedic CT Scan Protocol.
    3. X-Ray data for the patient to the Ossis Custom Acetabulum X-Ray Protocol.
    4. Clinical patient notes for the patient.
    5. Following the surgery, Ossis will require a copy of the surgeon’s surgical notes, notes from follow-up consultations and post-op X-Rays.This information is required to enable us to satisfy our post-market surveillance obligations and ensure our products continually reach the highest standard. Ossis maintains surgeon and patient confidentiality to the highest level.

    Check the ordering process and please contact us if you have any questions regarding this information.

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    How is an Ossis custom implant reimbursed?

    Reimbursement will likely involve an individual application per patient. Ossis will provide a quote for the individual patient that can be provided to both public and private insurers. Ossis has good experience with both public and private insurers and can assist you in preparing for a successful application.

    A study has been carried out to show the net value benefit of using an Ossis custom acetabulum implant as opposed to an off the shelf modular implant. This increased net value stems from both increased earning potential for surgeons and decreases in costs for providers and funders flowing from lower average length of hospitals stays, shorter surgical time, decreased rehabilitation and alleviation of the financial liability associated with re-revision risk. It was concluded from this that use of the Ossis acetabular system provides superior cost effectiveness to the dominant market off the shelf solution. More information regarding the cost effectiveness can be found here.

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    What is the best way to get my scan data to Ossis?

    Ossis is registered to access the CDHB PACS system. Therefore provided we have the patient’s details and you have transferred the data to CDHB we can download the scan data directly.

    Alternatively contact Ossis on and we can provide you with a link to upload your data to so that we can download this for design planning.

    Scans can be transferred to a CD and posted to Ossis at the following address. Contacts Page

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    What can I expect to happen after I supply the initial information to Ossis?

    Within one week of receiving the CT Scan data from you, we will be in contact with an anatomical analysis, an implant design summary and a quote. Should you wish to proceed with the design and manufacture of the implant we will require you to issue a purchase order to us for the implant.

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    How long does it take to design and manufacture a custom implant?
    Typically it takes around one month to design and manufacture a custom implant from the date you supply the CT scan data to us. However more complex implants may take slightly longer as more designer/surgeon interaction may be required.
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    What will you receive from Ossis?
    • Definitive custom implant
    • Sterilisable plastic anatomical model and trial implant
    • Ossis surgical procedure manual
    • Custom surgical guide for your implant including suggested screw lengths
    • Cleaning and sterilisation instructions