Custom Acetabulum Augment

Custom Acetabulum Augment

Ossis’ custom acetabulum augments are designed and manufactured to the highest standards - integrating advanced image processing, design software and manufacturing technologies to deliver innovative solutions for otherwise very complex surgical procedures.

Providing Acetabular Solutions

Ossis provides a solution for severe bone loss and pelvic dissociations where surgeons are otherwise faced with creating a complex solution during surgery. Ossis creates a custom solution that is fit for only you and your patient. By performing much of the surgical planning before getting in to theatre, the unknowns are removed before surgery. An interactive and open communication approach is maintained with the surgeon during the design phase to ensure the final solution is customised to the surgeon’s needs.

Technology Driven

Ossis’ custom acetabulum augments are manufactured using advanced additive manufacturing techniques which create a solid one piece component with proven osseointegrative properties. Advanced design and manufacturing technologies contribute to a lead time of only three to four weeks after receiving the CT scan.

Success in Complex Surgeries

To ensure successful surgeries, Ossis provides sterilisable plastic anatomical models and a sterilisable plastic trial of the implant.  These models allow the surgeon to undertake preoperative surgical planning and being sterilisable they can be used for intraoperative reference. This leads to shorter successful surgeries and a successful patient outcome.

Clinically effective

Ossis has provided custom acetabulum solutions to scores of patients over New Zealand and Australia. These solutions have improved the surgeon and patient experience and led to the successful restoration of acetabular function which would otherwise be difficult to achieve with an off the shelf solution.