Jacob’s Amazing Recovery

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Patient presentation: As a young adult (age 21 years), keen kite surfer Jacob was crushed by a tree and suffered life-threatening trauma. The damage to his hip was so severe that a complex surgical implant was needed. This was pieced together during surgery from a selection of parts and allowed Jacob to walk and kite surf again. After more than 20 years, at age 42, there was significant wear and tear on Jacob’s hip, and healthy bone was beginning to deteriorate and grow abnormally under the pressure. Facing loss of functionality and severe pain, Jacob needed a new solution to help him continue his active lifestyle but when MRI scans revealed significant bone deterioration his surgeon was reluctant to use an off-the-shelf implant.

Treatment and rationale: The initial revision of Jacob’s hip had performed well for 20 years but was wearing out. Jacob’s surgeon learnt about the Ossis custom acetabulum implant and knew that this would be the right option for his patient due to damage resulting from the initial crush injuries and the formation of bone tissue outside the skeleton. Surgery was performed in June 2013.


How: Ossis engineers designed Jacob’s implant using the latest 3D technology to closely match his existing skeleton based on computer modeling of his hip anatomy. The implant included screw holes created to match Jacob’s existing bone, and it was attached through these holes using locking screws. Another feature of the implant was an open mesh area to allow bone and soft tissue to grow through it, further helping it to stay in place.

 Surgery was very successful and Jacob has fully regained the ability to participate in the activities he loves, including running his business and kite surfing, and living life to the fullest. He continues to do well 2 years after surgery.